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Italian Ports Association and SRM Study Centre publish A new newsletter


In brief:

  • Total cargo in Italian ports has come up to half a billion tonnes, which means an increase of +1,8% compared to 2016.
  • Import-export in Italy has registered after the 2012-2016 period of decrease a growth of +12,4% in 2017, thanks to an increase in traffic export of 9,7% and 15,2% in import. Primary partners: USA, China and Turkey.
  • The MED Area represents a strategic area for Italian trade relations: import-export via sea between Italy and the Med and North African area (including Turkey is over 60 billion with a 13% growth.
  • Maritime trade represents about 80% of this trade between Italy and the MED and North African area. In 2017 Turkey confirms to be the main maritime trade partner for Italy (13 billion) in growing position compared with the previous (+9,4%); to follow Saudi Arabia and Tunis.
  • From the initial data registered after the widening of the channels, a growth was registered in the Suez of +11% with a new historical record of 908.6 million tonnes in transit. 52% is made up of traffic container and 24% of oil traffic. 50% of container traffic of Genoa and 47% of La Spezia transits through Suez.
  • The global containership fleet will have a 2.4% growth until 2020. The mega-carriers will be growing more than others (between 18 and 23 thousand TEUs). The first 5 shipping companies of the container sector today control 61.3% of the total capacity due to the incorporations and fusions.
  • Italy confirms itself to be leader in Short Sea Shipping (SSS) with the MED area. (218 million tonnes of cargo, 36% of the total.)

The text of the newsletter is available on the italian website.